We Provide People with Reliable Energy

We design tailored, sustainable power solutions for underserved urban and peri-urban communities across the country. Our seamless operations and maintenance processes ensure 95% availability to the customers we serve. We support over 100km of public street lighting projects around strategic districts, which serves to significantly reduce the incidence of crime, increase security and boost value of the night economy and tourism.

Eight out of ten cups of water produced by Lagos state are powered by Viathan as well as more than fifty-five schools, courts, hospitals, industrial and housing estates are powered by us. We have existing combined capacity of 50MW between our independent power plants (IPP’s) with a clear target to grow capacity to 200MW within a five-year period.

A strong business collaboration with our sister company Gasco Marine, a gas distribution company, ensures a unified approach to gas supply either through CNG or pipeline gas. For more about Gasco Marine please click here