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Our sustainability story

Our story began in 2011, as we conceptualized and designed our first plant which was commissioned in 2015. We realized that one of the keys to the success of the project was ensuring that our stakeholders; workers and local residents, were supported throughout the course of the project. As the first large scale energy plant construction project in the Lekki area, it garnered a great deal of attention from the community. The project was a huge success, not because of our project management skills but because we continuously focused on a wide range of initiatives to provide efficient service to residents with our principal aim of realizing sustainable development in the area. Our CSR initiatives and programs serve as the support system behind how Viathan operates, especially our commitment to a sustainable energy future which is one of our core values.

We understand that achieving our major goal of providing power to those who need it the most can only be made possible through the collective efforts of everyone who works at VIATHAN, our partners, suppliers, the government, local communities and other stakeholders. Without them; we would not be who we are today.

At Viathan Engineering Limited, we place a high value in our Corporate governance in order to achieve our goals, control risks and assure regulatory compliance. Being a responsible business means that we always behave legally and ethically and thus we expect everyone who works with us to live our values and follow our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct which all employees learn and are trained on regularly. The Company’s Board of Directors established a few committees to assist in the discharge of its duties. They are Remuneration & Governance, Finance & Investment, Audit & Risk, and Technical & Operations.

Compliance with all applicable legislation, laws, regulations, standards and codes is an essential characteristic of our organizational culture. We are committed to conducting business in line with best practices. The Board monitors compliance with these by means of management reports, which include information on any significant interaction with key stakeholders including the Company’s regulatory stakeholders. As an organization we comply with all guidelines related to our operations and international best practices.

What we do, and the way that we do it can affect the world around us. We take that responsibility seriously that is why Viathan is committed to ensuring that our success also brings long-term social and economic benefits to the communities and locations that we operate in.
Viathan monitors emerging environmental issues to enable us to proactively identify and manage the potential environmental risks associated with our activities. This ensures we remain compliant and positioned to operate sustainably in the future.

At Viathan, by engaging our best assets - our employees - we create equal opportunities that fosters teamwork which provides employees with personal and professional growth. Our aim is to develop an inclusive and diverse workplace across all our operations and ensure our employees are treated fairly and equally. We promote an environment where our people feel valued and respected. We focus on training, retraining and upskilling our employees on the latest technologies available to improve their jobs.
Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people is our greatest responsibility. This is reflected in our adoption of the Zero Harm principle. VEL ensures compliance with all health and safety rules including internal standards/procedures, while continuously providing regular health and safety trainings and initiatives that involve employees throughout the organization.
The result is staff collective dedication and commitment to creating transformative change in the areas we operate in, through volunteering their time to mentor and tutor the next generation of Nigerians; forming partnerships with like-minded local charitable organizations and participating in our community outreach programs.

Quality is our passport to customer satisfaction and the future of Viathan. Viathan Engineering Limited is fully committed to providing power as a service to our clients through innovative and integrated energy solutions that exceed customer expectation. Therefore, it is our core priority to render excellent service with maximal customer satisfaction in compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 requirements, while observing statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to our industry.
Viathan Engineering Ltd, ensures that staff are fully trained and involved in implementation of the core principles of the Quality Management System from the smallest procedure to the biggest installation. In achieving quality service sustainability, we adhere to the Quality Management System to develop clearly defined quality objectives, established at the corporate level and cascaded down to all departments.
We continuously strive to improve the quality of our services on an on-going basis in line with the Quality Management System through Quality Performance Monitoring, Quality Audits and Quality Management System (QMS) reviews.

8 Things Sustainable Businesses care about


Adopting Clean energy


Preventing Pollution


Reduce Waste


Conserving Water


Greening the planet


Using Sustainable material


Sustainable products


Sowing seeds for the future

Sustainability Report

This report represents our achievements and programs in our journey towards transforming and improving Viathan Group. It reflects our economic, social, and environmental activities throughout the year. This also reflects our performance and commitment to our stakeholder that are directly and indirectly impacted by the activities of the organization.