Our mission is to enable life through innovative integrated energy solution, and we are mindful of the huge responsibilities this places on us. We therefor offer cutting edge service for real life everyday problems with the determination of unlocking Africa's potential.

It is a big dream but we are intensely focused, unwaveringly committed and believe in the possibilities.

We recognise the importance of electricity to improve quality of life, increase economic growth and enhance livelihood and security. This is why we have tailored, sustainable power solutions for underserved urban, peri-urban and rural communities.

We have proven expertise in embedded power generation. For over 6 years our smart power plants has provided reliable power to residential, commercial and governmental installations.

Our seamless operations and maintenance processes ensure 95% availability to the customers we serve. We support over 100km of public street lighting projects around strategic districts, which serves to significantly reduce the incidence of crime, increase security and boost value of the night economy and tourism.