Viathan Engineering Ltd is a leading world-class provider of captive and embedded power solutions committed to producing and distributing uninterrupted and reliable power solutions to underserved governmental, industrial, commercial and other service markets around the country with a goal to be the premier energy solutions provider on the African Continent.

We provide modular, last-mile, scalable and power-as-a-service to the end user. Our processes and procedures are tailored to support this strategy as follows:

As an Embedded Power Generation company offering off grid power we avoid ATC&C losses attributed to the enormously inadequate transmission and distribution infrastructure allowing us to evacuate power to customers quicker, cheaper and more efficiently.

Synergy with our sister company Gasco Marine – a gas distribution company –ensures a unified approach to gas supply either through CNG or pipeline gas. This provides us the advantage of securing continuous supply of power to our customers and ensuring service without disruptions.

Our people provide a strong competitive advantage for Viathan. With a management team with over 50 years’ experience, that has demonstrated capacity to grow the business to over 60 MW capacity from 6.5MW in just 2 years. We also have strong in-house O&M capacity for Caterpillar/MWM Engines significantly increasing plant productivity and reducing the cost repair / maintenance turnaround of engines.

Viathan Engineering has valuable experiential advantages arising from having built four power plants in 2 years and delivering an operational power-plant within six months. The fastest delivery of a power plant in Nigeria. We have therefore developed a template that can be replicated for future projects. Existence of dedicated HSE team for regular straining of all employees, contractors/vendors and visitors to the plant on the acceptable safety requirements thereby limiting accident/incident reports and ensuring zero tolerance for incidents.


Viathan Engineering Limited was incorporated in 2011 and has acquired and invested in several gas fired plants including- PIPP LVI Genco, Akute Power Plant, Island Power Plant, Lisabi Power and Ilupeju Power Plant.

We have existing combined capacity of 60MW between our independent power plants (IPP’s) with a clear target to grow capacity to 200MW within a five year period across Nigeria and Africa. Our shareholders include Synergy Private Equity Fund (SPEF) and its co-investors including leading DFIs and other Africa-focused institutional investors


8 of 10cups of water produced by Lagos state is powered by Viathan

100 Km of streetlights powered by Viathan, providing security and night time trading

24/7 Island maternity and other hospitals powered by Viathan enabling emergency services and diagnostics

55 Schools, courts, industrial and housing estates powered